Pacific Northwest

  1. Hike on Mt. Rainier

  2. Completed: Eat at that random diner off Shilshole Ave

    It’s called Salmon Bay Cafe and it’s so cute!!

  3. Completed: Go camping on the Olympic Peninsula or one of the islands

    Technically it was glamping (at Copalis Beach), but close enough!

  4. Take a guided foraging class

  5. Visit Vancouver (the real one, in Canada)

  6. Swim in a swimming hole

  7. Take a dance class

  8. Completed: Get dumplings at Din Tai Fung

  9. Completed: Finally get Friday lunch ramen at Tsukushinbo

  10. Go tidepooling again…this time, with my guidebook!

  11. Completed: Go whale watching

    We saw a Minke whale, a humpback named Scratchy, and a pod of orcas!

  12. Visit Crater Lake
  13. Completed: Explore Vashon Island

  14. Volunteer at a WTA trail work party

  15. Completed: Go rock climbing at Stone Gardens

  16. Completed: Swim in a lake

  17. Visit the San Juan islands

  18. Float down a river

  19. Completed: Rent a cabin for a weekend

  20. Completed: Go clam digging

  21. Go scuba diving in the Puget Sound
  22. Visit Shi Shi Beach
  23. Completed: Get chili from Mike’s chili

  24. Pick apples at an orchard

  25. Pick blueberries at Brooklake Blueberry Farm: Federal Way

    Free and open to the public

  26. Log 50 hiked trails on WTA

    30/50 trails

  27. Completed: Explore the Hoh Rain Forest

  28. Go rockhounding
  29. Completed: Attend an Urban Sketchers Seattle event

    A green summer day at the Ballard Locks

  30. Shop at Asian Family Mart

  31. Sip amari at Barnacle

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