Pacific Northwest

  1. Hike on Mt. Rainier

  2. Completed: Eat at that random diner off Shilshole Ave

    It’s called Salmon Bay Cafe and it’s so cute!!

  3. Completed: Go camping on the Olympic Peninsula or one of the islands

    Technically it was glamping (at Copalis Beach), but close enough!

  4. Do some guided foraging

  5. Visit Vancouver (the real one, in Canada)

  6. Swim in a swimming hole

  7. Take a dance class

  8. Completed: Get dumplings at Din Tai Fung

  9. Completed: Finally get Friday lunch ramen at Tsukushinbo

  10. Go tidepooling again…this time, with my guidebook!

  11. Completed: Go whale watching

    We saw a Minke whale, a humpback named Scratchy, and a pod of orcas!

  12. Visit Crater Lake
  13. Completed: Explore Vashon Island

  14. Volunteer at a WTA trail work party

  15. Completed: Go rock climbing at Stone Gardens

  16. Completed: Swim in a lake

  17. Visit the San Juan islands

  18. Float down a river

  19. Completed: Rent a cabin for a weekend

  20. Completed: Go clam digging

  21. Go scuba diving in the Puget Sound
  22. Visit Shi Shi Beach
  23. Completed: Get chili from Mike’s chili

  24. Pick apples at an orchard

  25. Pick blueberries at Brooklake Blueberry Farm: Federal Way

    Free and open to the public

  26. Log 50 hiked trails on WTA

    30/50 trails

  27. Completed: Explore the Hoh Rain Forest

  28. Go rockhounding
  29. Stay in an orb treehouse
  30. Completed: Attend an Urban Sketchers Seattle event

    A green summer day at the Ballard Locks

  31. Shop at Asian Family Mart

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