1. Complete Genki I and II

  2. Get to level 60 in WaniKani

  3. Learn Korean

  4. Learn to speak some Hindi

    Learned a bit but not enough to mark this as completed yet!

  5. Log 1000 read books


  6. Knit a hat

  7. Knit a sweater

  8. Take a cooking class

  9. Take a mixology class

  10. Completed: Attend a live podcast show

    Attended Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

  11. Take a falconry course

    Received a gift certificate for a course, will have to wait for the pandemic to pass!

  12. Experience a sound bath
  13. Host a cooking night with friends

  14. Observe the Perseid meteor shower

    Happens in August

  15. Completed: Take an archery lesson

  16. Go horseback riding

  17. Sew a quilt

  18. Try another kind of meditation other than mindfulness

  19. Make ice cream

  20. Bake bread

  21. Make pasta

  22. Plant a vegetable garden

  23. Run 300 miles in a year

  24. Read or downsize all the English-language books on my shelves

    Currently have ~1 shelf worth on my bookcase

  25. Meet a famous person

  26. See a bear in the wild

  27. Complete each of my jigsaw puzzles once


  28. Knit socks

  29. Go on a trip or retreat related to creative hobbies

  30. Completed: Hike/walk a trail in Hawaii

  31. Visit the Studio Ghibli museum

  32. Hike in the Black Forest

  33. Visit Lassen Volcanic Park
  34. Visit Hay-on-Wye, Wales: “The Town of Books”
  35. Visit Newgrange, Ireland on the winter solstice
  36. Visit Banff National Park
  37. Walk one of the Kumano Kodō routes
  38. See the aurora borealis
  39. Visit an olive oil farm in Italy
  40. See the fall foliage in New England

  41. Attend an NBA game

  42. Travel to all 50 states


  43. Travel to all 7 continents (or 6, depending on who you ask)


  44. Travel to South Korea

  45. and Thailand

  46. and the Philippines

  47. Completed: and India

  48. and Indonesia

  49. and Peru

  50. and Chile

  51. Completed: and Mexico Proof!

  52. and Montreal

  53. and New Orleans

  54. and Nashville

  55. and Chicago

  56. and Austin

  57. and D.C.

  58. and Albania

  59. and Greece

    Including eating lots of seafood on Crete!

  60. and Scandinavia

  61. and Alaska

  62. and Hokkaido

  63. and Osaka

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